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There are new and dynamic changes in technology which we have to adapt to. This constant coexistence with technology demands that any web application be simple and easy to use. Appstute has always aimed to keep the complexity out of web apps at bay and deliver customised solutions that are easy to render and user-friendly.

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How it's done

All our projects go through the detailed process curated by our experts.

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For a web app to be smart, it has to be in line with the latest technology trends. Not only do we keep ourselves updated on these but also we integrate them in every project to give our customers the best.

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Integrating social elements, keeping track of all actions, reflecting them to user screens is a challenging task and finally, complex queries running simultaneously could kill the server of the web application. We have been able to optimize the server cost and keep our infrastructure cost to the bare minimum, increasing scalability.

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Cross platform app development

Keeping in mind the preferences of a target audience, we ensure that cross platform app development is expertly executed. Proper project management, thorough research and analysis of the client’s target audience helps us keep a stable line of communication with them.

  • Appstute has developed a multitude of its own products across various domains and sectors, gaining an insider approach to IOS app development. We understand the life cycle of each product and its customizations according to each sector.
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - Customer analysis and user stats need to be evaluated before a company launches its main app in the market. For this purpose, Appstute always has an ‘MVP’ approach. We ensure that the temporary web application is first tested in the market and then build the entire main application on its basis. This helps our clients also understand and gauge the response that their application will get when it’s launched.
  • Our experts are experienced in versatile domains along with having a sound knowledge of the IOS app development industry.

  • Test driven development - Before you handover a fully functioning web application to a client, there needs to be an estimate of how well it works and whether there are any glitches that need to be fixed. At Appstute, we ensure that a comprehensive test IOS app development process is followed before we deliver the final web application.
  • We keep the infrastructure cost to a minimum and the efficiency of the IOS apps to a maximum by developing the back end of all our apps on Google cloud platform.
  • The first thing that every user looks for in an application is engagement. If your user is bored, they will cease to use the app. Our experts have developed a wide range of web applications across different sectors and have a comprehensive understanding of what is it that engages the user in each.

Apart from our app development services, we have forayed into two more services: Mobile E2E and Server building.



Mobile applications play a crucial role in increasing the productivity of individuals within the organisation, which affects the overall productivity of the company. Our experts have built applications for staff on the field to update the activities, tasks, status of the ongoing task, etc in real time for a multitude of service industries.


For cash-strapped startups with brilliant ideas but limited resources, it becomes crucial to have a high-functioning application in the limited budget that is available. Choosing the right server in this case becomes very important, and looking into its design specifications becomes even more important. Our expert engineers ensure that the server cost is kept to a minimum while guaranteeing maximum efficiency of the application.

Product lifecycle

After receiving the exact specifications from the client, a team of experienced developers are assigned to it. After creating the front-end design and developing the functionalities, it is reviewed by an expert. Then, the product is shipped off to the client.

Appstute Project life-cycle

Solutions Delivered To

Our experts are experienced in developing mobile applications and websites across versatile domains. Development of our own products has enabled us with insider information, which helps us determine consumer demands. In-depth research and a sound knowledge of the industry enables us to build an entire gamut of crucial tools.

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At Appstute, we fully emphasize on building valuable relationships with our customers as a part of the well-rounded process of app development and its subsequent delivery. Here’s what our loyal and long-term clients have to say about our services.

Here’s what happy clients have to say :


With our knowledge of the product development process along with curating customised solutions, we have cultivated the trust and loyalty of all our clients.

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suraj Bahale
suraj Bahale
10:54 26 May 19
Great place to work
Avinash Dhole
Avinash Dhole
23:59 19 May 19
Nice place
Nidhi Motwani
Nidhi Motwani
12:24 30 Apr 19
Amazing Company to start career , Always works on Niche technologies, Friendly Environment, Salary always on Time with... good hike .Great place to more
Dattatray Deokar
Dattatray Deokar
16:39 11 Nov 17
Nice startup to work, very cooperative management.
Sudarshan Karnavat
Sudarshan Karnavat
02:16 12 Jan 16
Got a tech product developed from them. And was happy with the product
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