Social sports apps: How do sports and technology integrate?

Technology plays an important part in our everyday life. But what we’ve seen over the past decade is the role of technology increasing in our lives to an extent that we have stopped going outside to play and watch sports. Sports are important for elevating our personalities and to let go of some steam. When you take technology and sports together, you get a multitude of options that help you integrate your busy life with a little of sports.

Sports applications have evolved over the last few years to make your booking experience better or to find sporting events easily. The development of social media has forced brands and events to take a different route with their marketing strategies, one of them being sports applications. Sporting apps also allow you to interact with your favourite teams through social media, watch short videos featuring them and get updates on their favourite teams and any sporting events happening in the city. They help you with various parameters like choice of sports, booking tickets, booking grounds if you want, finding out what food is going to be available, what facilities will the space have, etc.

Appstute has developed a sports application in the domain of social sporting apps, for a Bangalore based company which is a fully-integrated platform on which you can book tickets to sporting events happening around town, booking grounds for your sporting events (if you have any), etc. It’s easy-to-use and user-friendly, which was their primary goal for the app. Another addition that Appstute did was develop a chat platform. This social sporting app was built 4 years ago, a time when the idea of a chat platform was complicated and time-consuming compared to now. A major chunk of the time spent in making the application was spent on making the chat platform as interactive, responsive and easy to use as possible.

Appstute builds applications with the goal of them being simple, smart and scalable, which is what we developed for this application too. A major concern for a start up like this is the cost of the application because of the tight budget that they already revolve around. Start-ups are already burgeoning with the cost of production and set-up that they find it a little extravagant to invest in an application, and rightly so. But a good application can elevate your start-up and bring in more business than organic marketing would do. Appstute made sure that the app-building process was cost effective. Right now, it is only based in Bangalore, but with the progress of the application and the revenue that it helps generate, it might be able to expand to other cities.

Applications like these are important because of their role in making a majority of the population that does not have time to play sports as often as they want. Some major reasons for this are inaccessibility to events, to grounds and arenas, lack of information about sports facilities and coaches. In it’s own words, these apps will bring these stakeholders, in the recreational sports industry, to one platform thereby creating value for all. Players will find fellow players nearby, coaches will get students, sports facilities will get bookings and activity organizers will get registrations. These apps aspire to simplify the process of organizing sports so that players spend more time playing.

Building applications does not always have to be a costly process. Appstute keeps in mind the concerns for star-ups while building an application but at the same time, it does not compromise on the quality of the app. With emerging sports applications that are easy-to-use and are built to accommodate all your concerns with one major concern or area of interest like sports, the face of the integration of sports and technology will be much easier.

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