Importance of e-commerce app for businesses

All around us we see products being consumed from regions that are far away from us. Yet, there is such an ease to buying whatever we want – a Japanese style paint box, A german technology hand-mixer, handicrafts from different states and so much more. How is this possible? E-commerce has integrated itself into our daily lives to such a finite level that it is virtually impossible to keep it away. To make your business successful, you have to move with the times and an ecommerce application helps you do just that! 

E-commerce applications, therefore, are extremely important to businesses, start ups or even individuals who have their home businesses and so on to expand their consumer reach and keep themselves digitally relevant. Let’s see why e-commerce applications are important for a business to thrive:

#1. Source of earnings (Additional or sole)

If your shop is in Delhi, your customer who is sitting in Pune can easily make a purchase from your app and get it shipped to them in a week. Instead of earning only through on-ground customers, you are now able to make double the income without having to incur life-altering expenses. Pretty good reason to build an e-commerce application, right? 

#2. Expanding your target audience

E-commerce applications help you to strengthen your business by expanding your target audience. For example, if you are the owner of a successful clothing store but you want to ship your products to other regions too. You can offer an alternative mobile app version for those customer, making your company more appealing to them. Furthermore, for your customers in the same city, it will be more convenient to get clothes delivered rather than picking them up. 

#3. Mobility

If you develop a mobile e-commerce app for your business, you can run your business very conveniently, without a necessity to go to your office as much as you would have to if you didn’t have one. 

#4. Enhanced Customer support and communication

Thanks to ecommerce applications, friendly communication becomes possible. When you know your customer, you’ll be able to offer them exactly what they need, gaining their trust and loyalty. You can provide your customers with virtual live support and work to improve your business with customer feedback. Almost 53% of users around the world use mobile applications, which gives you more points of contact with your customers. 

#5. Push Notifications

When you build an ecommerce application, you can amplify your customer engagement efforts through push notifications. This allows you to remind customers about yourself and give them updates about the new upgrades to your company. Push notifications are important to determine the success or failure of your app. They increase customer engagement and keep them informed about discounts, referrals, offers and more, allowing them to keep track of your updates. 

#6. Fewer Costs

Among other e-commerce app development benefits, it is an opportunity to avoid extra costs: storage, warehouse rent, etc. 

#7 Allow social media integration

When you integrate your social media accounts with your ecommerce app, you can reach more than the amount of customers than you would reach with your app. The like, share, subscribe does really work!

As a businessperson, you should understand the ins and outs of building ecommerce applications. These are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  1. Define your goals

You need to ask yourself the following questions before you start building your app: 

  • What are your business goals?
  • What products are you going to sell?
  • Will you sell your products directly?
  • Who is your target audience?

2. UX design is important

A user will abandon the app if their experience is bad. These are some things that you should take care of to improve user experience: 

  • Make room for a quick upfront user interface tour. 
  • Keep the information on the first screen brief. 
  • Keep the design and colours positive.
  • Maintain uniformity in style.
  • Keep your focus on increasing loading speed. 

3. Do you want to build a hybrid or a native app?

Native applications are costly and take time to develop, but they have a faster user experience. On the other hand, with one shared code-base you can swiftly create and maintain apps for multiple platforms. Do you value speed of development more or speed/performance at app run-time? Know your priorities and build an app that suits your requirements. 
We recommend developing the app using Flutter which gives a seamless experience like native on both IOS and Android. Development becomes cheaper and faster, without giving away the UX.

It’s a great way to boost your business. If you are not already building your own ecommerce application, you are surely missing out on a lot. At Appstute, our experts have years of experience in customising and building quality mobile and website applications that will ensure the expansion of your business, both digitally and financially.

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